Original eyecups from the 80s often become brittle and uncomfortable after decades, even if they appear unused, they are often already hard and inflexible. Choose our new, flexible eyecup made of skin-friendly material for more comfort and functionality.

  • Better view through the viewfinder: Enjoy a clear view and optimal image composition.
  • Stable hold: The camera rests securely against your eye for shake-free shots.
  • Protection for your glasses: Avoid scratches and damage.

Newly reissued and manufactured in Germany.

Fits, among others:

  • Minolta Eyecup: X-700, X-300, XD-5, XD-7, SRT-303b, SRT-101b, SRT-100x, X-300x, X-370s, SRT-101, SRT-303
  • Canon Eyecup: AL-1, FT, AE-1, A-1, AE-1, AT-1, also AE-1 Program (Canon designation at the time „4S“)
  • Pentax Eyecup: Spotmatic SP and SP-F, ES II, K2, P30N, K1000, Program A

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